Cannibal Kids – “Worms” Review Bravado Press

Cannibal Kids – “Worms”: The South Floridians re-emerge with a song that should contribute to them breaking the proverbial glass ceiling. The trio’s latest is atypical of previously dropped songs and the vocals are a cross between Enrique Iglesias and 98 Degrees, which means vocalist/rhythm guitarist Damian Gutierrez sounds amazing. On “Worms”, the arrangement is unique compared to their older material and with the harmony just as hip as the songs of yesteryear, the lads are onto something special. Lead guitar is handled by Dustin Diaz and is fabulous accompanying Gutierrez. Drummer Luke Faulkingham holds his own keeping the beat and pace with his bandmates. Directed by Cecelia Hubbard, the song’s official video features Gutierrez playing acoustic guitar and then being flanked by charismatic and on-point dancers in several scenes. It is a sight to see and Cannibal Kids have themselves a well-written and well-crafted song on their hands that shows they have an expansive skillset as songwriters and performers. Shaemax Records should be proud of the job the guys have done thus far and “Worms” ought to serve them well on the college radio circuit, perhaps even slide into the mainstream.