January 31, 2022


Cannibal Kids – “JEANS”: Hailing from south Florida area, this premiere pop act on the rise has a great deal of momentum coming into 2022. Last year, the Shaemax recording artist earned over two million streams and given their latest bop, they very well may top that by the time 2023 rolls around. Their latest single screams Top 40 hit and is a beautiful balance between 80s new wave and modern pop that reiterates these fellas’ success thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. On “JEANS”, vocalist Damian Gutierrez/rhythm guitarist sings with pure emotion that will have listeners hanging onto every note. The drum performance from Luke Faulkingham is on point, helping make the song a surefire head-bobber. Along with Gutierrez, the work of lead guitarist Dustin Diaz is precise with the utmost charisma and is quite the showman in the song’s official video. In the vid written, directed, and edited by Brianna Piedra, the band is joined by Marty Quinn, who fits like a glove on the synth-heavy tune. The guys jamming out to a hot tune along with the storytelling and animation by Piedra is proof that this talented bunch’s good fortune deserves to continue.

Chris Collins Show: Miami Indie-Alt Rock Band Cannibal Kids

January 31, 2022
Chris Collins Show


Miami Indie-alternative Rock Band Cannibal Kids lead singer/songwriter Damian Gutierrez joins STRIKE A CHORD to discuss their latest hit track Jeans. So, why the band’s name Cannibal Kids? Living in the city we all become “Urban Explorers.” Cannibal Kids explored an abandoned, scary as hell place while just a little high—“we were in a place we shouldn’t have been.” There’s been a crime! Call Miami Vice! Their latest track Jeans opens with the lyrics “Maybe it’s time that I open up a pair of jeans just to say what’s up!” Opening your jeans for love can be scary. But don’t worry! The track Falling in Love at Wii Sports Resort has a great synth pop beat. According to the Cannibal Kids — “the future is digital, fall in love with a computer—BUT only if you have a high speed fiber internet—OR the Love Connection will be disconnected. This pandemic has got us anxious and questioning our sanity at the same time. Cannibal Kids Go Outside is the perfect track to describe how we’re all feeling right now. Support. Follow. Listen to the Cannibal Kids at:

Good Noise Podcast Interview: Damian from Cannibal Kids talks about JEANS

January 26, 2022
Good Noise Podcast

Cannibal Kids’ frontman Damian sat down with the hosts of “Good Noise Podcast” to talk about JEANS and all things CK on their most recent episode, check it out below!

“We were very fortunate to have Damian from Cannibal Kids on the podcast to talk about their new single, “JEANS”. Enjoy!”

Relentless Reviews With Corbz: ‘JEANS’ Review

After working 12 days in a row, I’m happy I can sit back and relax and bring you this sunny new single with Cannibal Kids bringing you
Now, with it being summer here in Melbourne Australia and the temperatures reaching 31 degrees (which is 87 degrees Fahrenheit for the US) it would be the perfect time to hear such a breezy pop rock delight such as this!
What makes this song so excited is it’s perfect blend of Pop Rock and Lo Fi/Ambient vibe to create what I can only describe is ‘Weezer on quaaludes’ which trust me is a great compliment!
I love the subtle vibe of the song, the lush and relaxing production paired with that pop punch of those popping synth keys along side those mellow drums that help harmonise the song and help balance those two upper mentioned styles together into one smooth track that is perfect for the warmer weather
The vocal performances are also nice in how subtle and quiet they are in context of the song. It kind of reminds me of the more recent tracks by ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and the pop oriented music they’ve started to incorporate into their music, it’s definitely a nice touch and suits this song perfect.
Overall, this is what I’d describe as the ‘next summer Super hit’ it’s colourful, groovy, catchy and sweet all in one. If your looking for a song that’s not too heavy on the production or instrumental elements then you’ve come to the right place, this is the song that will happily scratch that itch for you and have you coming back for more! Great effort guys!

Post Magazine: Music Video: Cannibal Kids – Jeans

January 12, 2022
Post Magazine


Shaemax Records recording artists Cannibal Kids recently released a new video for their track Jeans. Directed and written by Brianna Piedra (@briipii), the video from the Miami-based band is a mixture of elements, including heavily-treated live-action and cut-out style animation.
Produced by Ionit Studios (@ionitstudios), the video was shot and edited by John Bryson (@johnthomasbryson) and John Diaz (@johndizzi), with Piedra creating the animation.
Jeans was an effort to capture lightning in a bottle,” explains Piedra. “Capturing the human condition, the duality of man, Jeans is a story of love and loss, so it’s only right we show everything in between. We seem to dwell the most when there’s tragedy in our lives, and when we need it most, the memories of our life seem to be gone in a blink of an eye.”
Jeans was shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4.6K camera.


January 10, 2022
Good Call Live


Expanding their creativity, CANNIBAL KIDS went for gloomy imagery in their new video Jeans. The visual depicts what it’s like to feel hurt and lonely, when nothing makes sense, sinking into flashes of emotion.

“With this single we went for a much more aggressive and somber vibe rather than our usual glossy pop sound. “JEANS” is about two people breaking up and the worst time in their lives and how much it hurts to let someone go when you need them the most. The music video is experimental, full of animation and super-cut editing.” – Damian Gutierrez (Vocalist / Rhythm Guitarist)


With thanks to ATTIC ECHO

Rawing In The Pit Media: Who Hurt CANNIBAL KIDS?

January 09, 2022
Rawing In The Pit Media


Expanding their creativity, CANNIBAL KIDS went for gloomy imagery in their new video “JEANS”. The visual depicts what it’s like to feel hurt and lonely, when nothing makes sense, sinking into flashes of emotion.

“With this single we went for a much more aggressive and somber vibe rather than our usual glossy pop sound. “JEANS” is about two people breaking up and the worst time in their lives and how much it hurts to let someone go when you need them the most. The music video is experimental, full of animation and super-cut editing.” – Damian Gutierrez, vocalist/rhythm guitarist

“With this single we went for a much more aggressive and somber vibe rather than our usual glossy pop sound. “JEANS” is about two people breaking up and the worst time in their lives and how much it hurts to let someone go when you need them the most. The music video is experimental, full of animation and super-cut editing.” – Damian Gutierrez, vocalist/rhythm guitarist

Alternative pop band CANNIBAL KIDS brings an original sound to the scene with their edgy, funk influence. Smooth vocal melodies, catchy lyrics, and dancey grooves combine with a high-energy live performance sure to be a crowd favorite.
Rooted in south Florida, the band has millions of streams on Spotify alone and recently completed a national tour. Now, CANNIBAL KIDS have released their new video for their latest single “JEANS” on January 7th 2022, featuring creative and experimental animation and editing.

Meet the kids of South Florida indie band, Cannibal Kids

July 3, 2017
Tamica Jean-Charles

article1Photo taken from the Cannibal Kids website.

After a slight hiatus, local indie band Cannibal Kids are taking back the Miami music scene.

Cannibal Kids offer a coastal indie-vibe as heard in their songs ‘Troubled Mind’ and ‘Graphing’. The Homestead-bound band have a sound so mature, it sounds similar to other popular indie bands like Hippo Campus or Local Natives. This band is not the type of band that’s going to flop within a year or two, Cannibal Kid’s have an incredible sound that will not go unnoticed.

Cannibal Kids set out on a dream to pursue a passion all the members has. The band first began with Gutierrez and Diaz, back when the two were at the end of middle school where they would discuss their different music interests. “We would sit around and talk about music all day even though we were on opposite sides of the music spectrum,” says Gutierrez, “he liked a much harder sound and I like more acoustic singer-songwriter type stuff. But we were always like ‘Dude let’s make music! Let’s just do something.’ And we said that for a whole school year.”

Later on, Gutierrez would soon meet Faulkingham in their church band. The three used to be involved in another band, No Compromise, but soon made the switch to “re-brand as a new project with a new name and new sound.” The former bassist of that band left and Hernandez soon came along.

Gutierrez was inspired by other acoustic and indie musicians such as Glen Hansard and Two Door Cinema Club. The lead vocalist expressed his infatuation for Glen Hansard’s performance’s and how the musician is able to bring a “magic” on stage using just an acoustic guitar. “I would just think how does he do it? How do you do that? So that pushed me to become a performer.” says the vocalist.

All the members have a past with music. Faulkingham and Hernandez were involved in their old high school marching and jazz band. Diaz originally began to the violin but soon transitioned into playing the drums.

The name, Cannibal Kids, originated from an experience that Gutierrez, Diaz and Faulkingham had with an abandoned juvenile detention center somewhere in south Miami (I was told not to disclose the exact location of the campus). The center had shut down due to several accounts of abuse, runaways and other acts of error and unprofessionalism.

“We went inside and all of the files were still there and were still wrapped in classified tape. So we take out a folder and it’s about this kid, who we will call Jimmy, and we’re going through his records and towards the end we find his ‘reasons for detention and punishments’ and one of the pages said attempted cannibalism.” states Gutierrez.

“We went through a bunch of different names and were thinking, what would be a good name? And then Dustin comes out and says Cannibal Kids and it just fit perfectly.” So yes, thanks to ‘Jimmy’ the band was able to find a name to the new chapter of their music career.

Since that one faithful night, Cannibal Kids began playing shows all around south Florida. The band was fortunate enough to land incredible gigs such as Warped Tour and the Hard Rock hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Although doing so can be tough for an up and coming band. South Florida may be a lively metropolitan area, but for bands it’s not quite so easy to make themselves known in the music industry.

article2(From left to right) Luke Faulkingham, Dustin Diaz, Jordon Hernandez and Damian Gutierrez discuss what it’s like to be an up and coming band in Miami.

“It’s hard to make any noise in the music industry, especially down here. Just because this really isn’t a music mega city. We’re all the way in Homestead, so it’s a drive to even get to the south Florida music scene which is usually in Miami or Kendall. We’re like the outliers.” says the band, “ And it is difficult to get a booking agent or a manager or even to get people to help you move up. It’s hard to get people with legitimacy who really know how to work and know what they’re doing. Anybody can call themselves a booker.”

The music scene in south Florida may not be as bustling as other metropolitan areas, but bands do tend to stick together. Many play shows collaborate and play shows, which makes it easier to find and discover other local bands.

Along with the relationships between the local bands, the fan bases are just as strong if not stronger. After playing a gig at a local high school in Miami back in 2016, the band were able to gain some serious fans than continue to support. “Some of them are our biggest fans and they’re so hardcore. They come to like 95% of our shows and they’re there.”

“We’re all just up here having fun,” says Faulkingham, “we’re hoping us having fun will go into the crowd and [fans] can have as good of a time we’re having on stage.”

Gutierrez further talks about how performing is where he feels the most confident.

As fun as performing and being in a band may be, it doesn’t come that easy. It is imperative for a band to remain focused and persevere through any obstacle that comes their way. “In the first year of any bands life, that is [where you can see the most progress] and it becomes really easy to get lost in the first year.” warns Gutierrez, “It’s your first year you start off you play shows, you get merch, you get fans, you see your [social media] get bigger. But after that, it’s pure pushing and it’s self discipline; how dedicated are you?”

Cannibal Kids were signed to World Records back on Jan. 4, 2016.
The band had been together for a year before signing their contract with the record company.

To be active and successful in a constantly changing industry such as music, it’s important to stay determined. Cannibal Kids realized this and dedicated as much time and effort possible into their project.

Gutierrez faced an extremely hard obstacle-deciding whether or not to stay in Miami with his band or go to college elsewhere. “That fork in the road was a big decision that every high school band has to face after graduation.” says Gutierrez, “What is your goal? What are you trying to do in this industry?” The band chose to remain committed to their dreams and stayed in Miami post high school.

Cannibal Kid’s hard work and never ending tenacity for their music has paid off greatly. The band’s continuous support for one another is shown when making merch, setting gigs and of course, writing and producing songs.

In their latest single, Troubled Mind, the song delves into having an anxiety about the future. Gutierrez wrote the lyrics to talk about his life post-graduation when he was unemployed and not taking any classes. Growing up in a single parent household, Gutierrez and his family were struggling to make ends meet at the time. “It’s a song about telling my mom and my family that things are going to be okay.” says Gutierrez, “I wanted to tell my family I wanted to take on the responsibility for the ‘troubled minds’ of this and take it on and become the breadwinner of this family.”

Cannibal Kids have a dream to accomplish. After staying under the radar for a little bit, the band will continue to expand out of south Florida and conquer whatever needed in order to achieve success. The band hopes to create new merch, videos and more content by the end of the year.

“Being an artist, you’re like a culture maker-and there’s something really special about being a part of something like that.”

You can check out Cannibal Kids latest single on SpotifyiTunes and Soundcloud. If you would like to learn more about upcoming shows and tours, hit up their website.

Article Courtesy of This is Tamica


July 10, 2015


Surf Indie Rock is making a comeback and quick! Cannibal Kids, from Miami FL, dropped by the 93.5 THE BAR studio & I got a chance to talk to them about their new album release & winning their way on to the 2015 Vans Warped Tour stage in West Palm Beach, FL.

Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Show Review + Interview

July 9, 2015


It’s Saturday, 4th of July, roughly 12:00 PM. Kids, teens, college-level kids and parents are piling into the open concert venue under the hot, shining Florida sun. Gates were opened only about an hour ago, so everyone is still getting into the Warped Tour mood. Fortunately, thanks to Cannibal Kids, it won’t be hard. Having previously beat through the Battle of the Bands, the group takes place on the Ernie Ball Stage, and anyone who stays for their set soon sees it was a well-deserved.

They play a short set—as all bands on the Warped Tour do—but it is not lacking of any energy or passion. Quite the adverse, as a matter of fact. Cannibal Kids managed to turn heads of those walking by, and captivate a majority of them. Girls and boys alike swayed to the alternative tunes that bubbled out of the Hawaiian-shirted band member’s instruments. Between lyrics of running away with a beloved, and “oh oh oh oh oh ohh”-ings, the crowd’s screams of excitement and proclamations of lead singer-Damian’s sex appeal surely had on-lookers swearing everyone in the crowd was an old fan.

After ending with a crowd-interactive song, the band headed over to the backstage area for an interview. In the interview, they give a very vague and suspicious story as to the origin of their band name, and explain why it is that they’re able to mesh with each other to make groovy music.

Watch the full interview and game (of “This or That” below!)
Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Interview

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Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Show Review + Interview
Check out this interview with the bodacious dudes of Cannibal Kids done in West Palm Beach, FL at the Coral Sky Amphitheater on July 4th!
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