The South Florida band bring charm and colour on their new single.

Offering us a mixture of mesmeric melodies merged with laidback vocals, Cannibal Kids bring us into their guitar-filled world of falling in love and heartbreak in their newest single “Worms”. With their indie-coastal vibe, the dreamy band combine their unique funky, edgy sound with smooth vocals and snappy lyrics in a song vocalist Damian Gutierrez admits “is about the duality of falling in love with someone who’s already in a committed relationship. It’s about the heartbreak and stress that comes with the territory”.

Each part of the production was equally important to the band and delivering an engaging blend of lyrical sentiment with dance-laden, groovy beats, the creative band found themselves in Los Angeles to conceive the beautifully executed music video. From the enticing creative visuals to the well-choreographed dance routines, Cannibal Kids are sure to have their amassing fanbase worldwide glued to their screens.

Cannibal Kids present nothing but vivid and personal stories imbued with their distinctive creative imagination and after our patient wait it is safe to say that we are more than impressed with their newest release “Worms”.

Check out the video below!