Green, pink, and blue outfits

January 31, 2022


Cannibal Kids – “JEANS”: Hailing from south Florida area, this premiere pop act on the rise has a great deal of momentum coming into 2022. Last year, the Shaemax recording artist earned over two million streams and given their latest bop, they very well may top that by the time 2023 rolls around. Their latest single screams Top 40 hit and is a beautiful balance between 80s new wave and modern pop that reiterates these fellas’ success thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. On “JEANS”, vocalist Damian Gutierrez/rhythm guitarist sings with pure emotion that will have listeners hanging onto every note. The drum performance from Luke Faulkingham is on point, helping make the song a surefire head-bobber. Along with Gutierrez, the work of lead guitarist Dustin Diaz is precise with the utmost charisma and is quite the showman in the song’s official video. In the vid written, directed, and edited by Brianna Piedra, the band is joined by Marty Quinn, who fits like a glove on the synth-heavy tune. The guys jamming out to a hot tune along with the storytelling and animation by Piedra is proof that this talented bunch’s good fortune deserves to continue.