Chris Collins Show: Miami Indie-Alt Rock Band Cannibal Kids

January 31, 2022
Chris Collins Show


Miami Indie-alternative Rock Band Cannibal Kids lead singer/songwriter Damian Gutierrez joins STRIKE A CHORD to discuss their latest hit track Jeans. So, why the band’s name Cannibal Kids? Living in the city we all become “Urban Explorers.” Cannibal Kids explored an abandoned, scary as hell place while just a little high—“we were in a place we shouldn’t have been.” There’s been a crime! Call Miami Vice! Their latest track Jeans opens with the lyrics “Maybe it’s time that I open up a pair of jeans just to say what’s up!” Opening your jeans for love can be scary. But don’t worry! The track Falling in Love at Wii Sports Resort has a great synth pop beat. According to the Cannibal Kids — “the future is digital, fall in love with a computer—BUT only if you have a high speed fiber internet—OR the Love Connection will be disconnected. This pandemic has got us anxious and questioning our sanity at the same time. Cannibal Kids Go Outside is the perfect track to describe how we’re all feeling right now. Support. Follow. Listen to the Cannibal Kids at: