Relentless Reviews With Corbz: ‘JEANS’ Review

Cannibal Kids’ Jeans artwork
After working 12 days in a row, I’m happy I can sit back and relax and bring you this sunny new single with Cannibal Kids bringing you
Now, with it being summer here in Melbourne Australia and the temperatures reaching 31 degrees (which is 87 degrees Fahrenheit for the US) it would be the perfect time to hear such a breezy pop rock delight such as this!
What makes this song so excited is it’s perfect blend of Pop Rock and Lo Fi/Ambient vibe to create what I can only describe is ‘Weezer on quaaludes’ which trust me is a great compliment!
I love the subtle vibe of the song, the lush and relaxing production paired with that pop punch of those popping synth keys along side those mellow drums that help harmonise the song and help balance those two upper mentioned styles together into one smooth track that is perfect for the warmer weather
The vocal performances are also nice in how subtle and quiet they are in context of the song. It kind of reminds me of the more recent tracks by ‘Twenty One Pilots’ and the pop oriented music they’ve started to incorporate into their music, it’s definitely a nice touch and suits this song perfect.
Overall, this is what I’d describe as the ‘next summer Super hit’ it’s colourful, groovy, catchy and sweet all in one. If your looking for a song that’s not too heavy on the production or instrumental elements then you’ve come to the right place, this is the song that will happily scratch that itch for you and have you coming back for more! Great effort guys!