Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Show Review + Interview

July 9, 2015


It’s Saturday, 4th of July, roughly 12:00 PM. Kids, teens, college-level kids and parents are piling into the open concert venue under the hot, shining Florida sun. Gates were opened only about an hour ago, so everyone is still getting into the Warped Tour mood. Fortunately, thanks to Cannibal Kids, it won’t be hard. Having previously beat through the Battle of the Bands, the group takes place on the Ernie Ball Stage, and anyone who stays for their set soon sees it was a well-deserved.

They play a short set—as all bands on the Warped Tour do—but it is not lacking of any energy or passion. Quite the adverse, as a matter of fact. Cannibal Kids managed to turn heads of those walking by, and captivate a majority of them. Girls and boys alike swayed to the alternative tunes that bubbled out of the Hawaiian-shirted band member’s instruments. Between lyrics of running away with a beloved, and “oh oh oh oh oh ohh”-ings, the crowd’s screams of excitement and proclamations of lead singer-Damian’s sex appeal surely had on-lookers swearing everyone in the crowd was an old fan.

After ending with a crowd-interactive song, the band headed over to the backstage area for an interview. In the interview, they give a very vague and suspicious story as to the origin of their band name, and explain why it is that they’re able to mesh with each other to make groovy music.

Watch the full interview and game (of “This or That” below!)
Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Interview

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Cannibal Kids Warped Tour 2015 Show Review + Interview
Check out this interview with the bodacious dudes of Cannibal Kids done in West Palm Beach, FL at the Coral Sky Amphitheater on July 4th!
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